If you’ve been following this blog, you know that we recently completed the Sugarloaf Marathon. We have taken the last two to three weeks as recovery from the race and we are now getting back into the swing of running and training. My first good weekend training session was Sunday. I set out for a brick workout; 9 miles on foot and 21 on wheels. The day went well. My legs were quite tired from the bike workout as I have not been riding much through the first half of the year. All in all it was a quality workout day!

The next logical question is, “What’s next?”. The Marlette 50k in beautiful Lake Tahoe, NV! This race looks truly awesome. I know the scenery out there is phenomenal from racing Lake Tahoe 70.3 in 2015, but now we get to hit the trails and have some REAL fun! Training is going to consist of a ton of trail running, looking for a good amount of elevation gain on some of the longer runs to get my legs accustomed to going up for a long time while fatigued. The elevation gain is approximately 5400′, which is not an insane amount of climbing for the distance, but it also can’t be snickered at. The course should prove for great views and some serious challenges!

I am excited for August to get here!

If you will be at the Marlette 50k, or if you have raced it in the past, definitely drop a comment here and let us know what you thought!