The Boston Marathon. Since I first decided to give this whole marathon thing a shot, The Boston Marathon has been my goal. It may not be the hardest race to qualify for when considering the time requirements, but it is without a doubt the holy grail of the major marathon circuit. I have wanted to qualify and run this majestic race since day 1.

This week was the first on the schedule for solid training. If you read about my push for Boston last year (read about the failed second attempt here) you know that I had a great training cycle for the Sugarloaf Marathon last year, but fell short of qualifying for Boston by approximately two minutes even though I ran a PR of 3:07:18. The feeling after the race was majority elation for having run such a great race, but slight disappointment for having come so close.

This year I am back at it and heading back to Sugarloaf with my wife and her father to shoot for a BQ once again. This year I aged up and will need to run 3:10:00 (actually something around a 3:07:30 to solidly lock in my chance) to make it to the big stage for the marathon. My training is just slightly behind last year’s, but my fitness base is better this year coming into the training cycle so I feel I will catch up to last year’s results in a shorter amount of time. My big hurdle this year has been motivation and making time to get out and train. The “run to work, run home from work” cycle has started, which helps immensely with getting mileage in both fresh and fatigued, which I feel is a massively beneficial addition to a long-distance training regimen. This is just week 1. There is plenty of of time to make gains and move toward my goal!

Come back weekly for updates on how training is going for Sugarloaf and my BQ push!

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