How do you stay motivated?

-the general desire or willingness of someone to do something
Lately I have been struggling mightily with getting motivated to get out and exercise. Historically, I have had no trouble wanting to get out and train. I registered for a late summer marathon with the intention to continue my progress from my early summer marathon and go for a BQ time. Unfortunately I have not been able to make myself get out and stay consistent with training for the last two months. I am getting mileage in, but not as much as I feel I should or at the quality I should be. I have been listening to a GREAT podcast for the last year or so (Endurance Planet) and I have learned a lot from it; the most notable and applicable to this topic being that I need to listen to my body and what it is telling me. If I am not getting excited about a run, bike, or swim workout than something needs to be said about that and I need to listen to what that might be telling me. What could that be telling me..? I might need some rest from training/racing. I might need something to get me kick-started back to loving it. I might need to get back to just doing it for enjoyment not for time. There are probably hundreds of possible reasons. I have been evaluating things over the last week or two to see where it all falls for me. I haven’t come to a singular conclusion yet, but I think part of it is that I am expecting so much of myself in this one aspect of my life, while also expecting a lot of myself in multiple other aspects of my life, and it may be that I am pulling myself in too many directions. Between enjoying my home life and time with my beautiful wife, trying to get Pace:Junky off the ground as a brand, performing well at the 9-5, and trying to juggle training and racing I may be trying to do too much and spreading myself too thin.
I continually think about this these days and I would love to hear what your tips and tricks are for staying motivated! Share your thoughts in the comments!
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