Just announced today, Ironman has partnered with Women For Tri to add 200 female age-group slots to the 2017 70.3 championships. While this is not by any means a solution to the problem of the gender inequality at the top end of the sport, it is a big step in the right direction. Check out the article on the Ironman page, here. If you are curious and want to read more about the movement behind the goal to get gender equality in the sport of triathlon (namely in Ironman), you can check out the Tri Equal page. They have a wealth of info on their site and they explain the push and the idea behind it.

Hilly Road
They hurt.  They are never as short as they look. Hills. Whether you love them or hate them, we have all been ON them. Most races or training runs contain at least one, even if it is small or short. While most people will admit they hate hills and wish they could run for the rest of their life without having to deal with one more hill, I am fortunate to have loved hills since day one. I have always been a proponent of adding hills into a training plan, regardless of the goal race course, because of what hills have anecdotally done for me through the years. If you have ever wondered what the benefits are or why you should be doing hills, there was a great article on it from Bicycling.com. Check it out here! The article approaches it from a cycling standpoint, but the science and concepts are true for running as well.

Moral of the story: Hills will make you a stronger, better athlete. Embrace them!

If you are interested in some good hill workouts, shoot us an email and we can provide some solid workouts!


Montco Runners is a local-to-Pace:Junky running group (an AMAZING running group, of which I am a member) who is also sponsored by Pace:Junky. We just finished up the first order of their tanks and they came out AWESOME! We ventured out to a fantastic local race called the TexMex 5k (www.wvwa.org/texmex5k) to drop the tanks off to the group. They were a huge hit at the race with hundreds of other runners commenting on the bright, unique design; mentioning that the group could be seen from a mile away (literally!). Check out some photos from the event!

We headed out to show their support for the Superhero Showdown Race on Saturday June 18th. We teamed up with the race organizers to be a sponsor for the race, which was awesome! The day went off fantastically well and we got to meet the namesake for the event, Taylor, who is an inspiration beyond words. We learned a lot about MAST Cell disorders and what it means to be part of the amazing running community in the Philadelphia area. We knew the people would come out to show their support for this event, but boy were we surprised to see the first year event go HUGE! In all the race had almost 500 runners spread across 4 races; 1 mile fun run, 5k, 10k, and 15k. There were activities for before and after the race for both runners and spectators. And there was SWAG galore! If we had to pick one word to sum up the day, it would be FANTASTIC!

This was our first event as a vendor so we were a little unsure of exactly what to expect. Boy did you all bring the interest! We had a steady stream of interested runners and general on-lookers taking a peek at our apparel, asking questions about the brand, and just generally being interested in Pace:Junky. It was a GREAT success for our first event and things are looking bright!

Check out some photos from the day!

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